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Research Data Australia Content Providers Guide: CPG Home

A guide for contributors to Research Data Australia


This guide is a reference tool for organisations contributing records to Research Data Australia.  The overall aim is to provide advice on how best to describe datasets (collections), researchers and research groups (parties), projects (activities) and tools (services) so that research data can be shared and reused.  An outcome of contributing records to Research Data Australia is that the research profile of the organisation and its researchers is raised both nationally and internationally.

The intended audience includes data source administrators, project staff, repository developers, librarians and technical staff who need to understand the semantic content of RIF-CS Schema documents for mapping or planning purposes.  The guide describes the meaning and purpose of the information collected by the ANDS Collections Registry. It also explains how to use the RIF-CS Schema to share that information with ANDS.

Information about how to set up automatic harvesting of records to Research Data Australia is provided including harvest configuration details for schema other than RIF-CS.  While harvesting is the most commonly used and preferred method of providing records, information is also provided about how to manually create RIF-CS records in the ANDS Collections Registry.

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