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Research Data Australia Content Providers Guide: Introduction to metadata harvesting

A guide for contributors to Research Data Australia

Introduction to metadata harvesting

What is harvesting and how does it work?

Harvesting is an automated, regular process of collecting metadata descriptions from different sources to create useful aggregations of metadata and related services.

To establish a harvest from your institution to the ANDS Collections Registry, you first need to arrange for a Data Source Account to be set up for your institution.  Your Outreach Officer will assist you with this process, including how to complete the Providing Metadata to ANDS Agreement.  In addition, your institution will need to nominate an individual as a Data Source Administrator who will have access to the ANDS Registry to configure the feed and manage the Account.  The Data Source Administrator should be familiar with ANDS Online Services policies.

ANDS prefers to use the OAI-PMH harvest protocol for harvesting RIF-CS documents.  Formats other than RIF-CS may be supported where a crosswalk to RIF-CS is configured in the harvest settings.  More.

OAI-PMH enables automated, regular harvesting, and is included in major repository software products. If you do not already have OAI-PMH capability as part of a repository solution, there are free OAI-PMH toolsexternal link and development libraries available online. ANDS also supports metadata exchange using direct HTTP, and deleting of records as part of the harvest (OAI-PMH delete).


Harvesting process


















More information

How to provide collection descriptions to ANDS

Harvester Service Technical and User Guide [PDF]

Implementing an OAI-PMH RIF-CS Provider (includes information about using jOAI)

Data source harvest configuration


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